Sunday, February 28, 2016

Copper Chef Pots Vs Non-Stick Frying Pan

I have said before and I will say it again. I LOVE my Copper Chef Pots. I am in a group on Facebook and asked if anyone had them and if they loved them as much as I do. I had a lady who was on the fence and wanted to know how big they were so I measured them for her. I went one step further and I decided to do a test using the Copper Chef pot and a non-stick frying pan. Here are the results.

First, here are the measurements. I'm not the best at holding the measuring tape so I apologize if they are a little crooked. But you get the idea of the size.

In the first pictures I cooked a pound of bacon. Half in the Copper Chef pot and half in the non-stick frying pan. I used the same heat and poured the grease from the pan before taking the picture. You can see how easy the Copper Chef did. It was clean. I just wiped it out. I had to wipe a bit harder on the non-stick frying pan.

In the second pictures I cooked scrambled eggs. I did 4 Oz Cream Cheese, softened in the microwave. I used a whisk and whisked the cream cheese until it was smooth. I added 8 eggs and whisked those together (it didn't matter that there was chunks left - in case you want to make eggs this way. Those will melt as you cook). Then I poured half in the Copper Chef pot and half in the non-stick frying pan. These are both pans before washing. As you can see, there was little left in the Copper Chef and lots left in the non-stick frying pan. It was easy to wipe the Copper Chef pot clean. I had to soak the non-stick pan to get it cleaned.

Does this show why I love my Copper Chef Pots? I want another one. Love them that much!