Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pork Chops & fried Potatoes (NuWave)

Tonight we had pork chops and fried potatoes in the NuWave. It turned out great. I was happy. Since potatoes take longer than pork chops we started with them. It was simple to do them. We cut them as thin as we could and drizzled olive oil on them and sprinkled them with pepper. We put them in the liner pan and turned it on for 8 minutes. When it was done we put the 3" tray and cooked the pork chops. They were just as easy. We rubbed olive oil over them and seasoned them with Season Salt. Placed them on the 3" rack and cooked them 10 minutes each side (the whole time leaving the potatoes in the liner tray and the pork chops on the 3" rack. This was wonderful. We also had some homemade Lion House Rolls (which are listed in the post just prior to this one).