Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hassleback Potatoes (NuWave Oven)

This weekend we went out of town and I drug my NuWave Oven along. I did not buy the carrying case but that still did not stop me from bringing my NuWave Oven. lol! So I decided I wanted to try this in it and see how it turned out. I am glad I did. It was a big success. They all loved them. We altered ours a bit because I did not have some of the things they talked about but we loved the way they turned out so I am going to keep the recipe just like this.

Hassleback Potatoes (NuWave Oven)

4 Medium Potatoes
4 TBS Butter
Garlic Salt
Montreal Seasoning
Olive Oil

1. Wash potatoes really well and leave skins on.
2. Cut very thin slices in the potatoes so they almost go to the bottom of the potato, but not all the way through. Leave the bottom connected.
3. In medium bowl add butter and put in microwave and soften (about 10 seconds)
4. Add garlic salt and Montreal to butter (amount is up to you.)
5. With Pastry brush cover potatoes with butter mixture, making sure you go inside the potato cuts.
6. Drizzle olive oil over potatoes
7. Place on 3" rack and turn NuWave on to 30 minutes.

This is really great with a little sour cream. But to be honest, I would rather have it just like this. This was breakfast so I decided to show it with everything. Don't you love the "fine china"? lol!